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CANIDAE - All Life Stages Formula - 44lb,

CANIDAE - All Life Stages Formula - 44lb,
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Model: f1044
Manufacturer: Canidae

Canidae All Life Dog Natural Dog Food!

Our Bouviers LOVE this dog food!  The food is made from Four human-grade meats (Chicken, Turkey, Lamb and Fish) and has 10 skin and coat conditioners, as well as balanced Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids.  This is a great all natural food.

It is a complete all-life stage formala with holistic and herbal benefits.  Since it is an all-life formulation, it is easy on our feeding schedules, as it is great for our puppies, active dogs and our seniors, too!

We looked hard and long for a good food.  We tried this, tested that, bought this one and tossed out that one….  And then we found Canidae.  WOW.  ALL of our critters just love it.  Further, as it is based on Chicken, Turkey and Lamb, no allergies!  No skin problems!  The stools are firm and reasonable - no real excess waste!  We feel much more comfortable with this than other foods since it is based on true human-grade meats and all naturally preserved.  We read the reports from whole dog, IAMS products, Allentown Pet Products, and River foods, as well as the university studies in Massachusetts, Cornell and Colorado.

Foods with the holistic approach, complete with anitioxidants, vitamins, amino acid chelated minerals and enzymes keep topping the charts.  Right at the top are those with Chicken/Fish/Lamb.  Canidae, with 5 of the top ingredients being sources of true protein takes high honors!

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No food is good if your critter doesn't like it.  We've found this food highly palatable, none of our dogs have ever skipped a meal since we’ve switched.  We've decided to sell the dog food here and in our place as a service to our customers.  We pass it on to you at great great savings off retail.

You'll be thrilled how great your dogs do on Canidae.  Available in 5lb., 15lb., 35lb., and 44lb sizes. 

CANIDAE - All Life Stages Formula - 44lb,
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CANIDAE - All Life Stages Formula - 44lb,
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