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Lickety Stik - BACON

Lickety Stik - BACON
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Lickety Stik - BACON FLAVOR

The  LIckable Dog Treat!

You've heard about these - you've seen the adds and/or the vidoes.  Maybe you've been lucky enough to see this in person - and/or have your dog try one out.  THEY ARE GREAT!  Lickety Stik Liquid Dog Treats are the ultimate in high-value, easy to use, clean, safe AND HEALTHY dog treats and rewards!

We've all searched for the ideal training treat - the ideal reward - something we can give our dogs that is clean, easy, tasty, and HEATHY!  We've tried biscuits, bits, morsels and more. We've cut up liver, chicken, bitten-off cheese... and for some of us, even tried cheese whiz or peanut butter on a spoon...  And how about those bait bags!?!?!?  And the pocket messes????!!!!!!

Lickety Stik provides a superb answer to all of these challenges - in a convenient, easy to use, tasty, enticing LIQUID TREAT form!  Your dog just licks the roller ball - and POOF instant reward!  And, at less than ONE CALORIE in TEN LICKS - you're not putting bulk or excess weight on your pet!   Top all of this off with the fact that Lickety Stik is LOW IN FAT (3%), 100% NATURAL and has added vitamins too...and well, you've got the IDEAL TREAT, TRAINING AID, and ALL AROUND DOG REWARD!  

LIckety Stik comes in THREE FLAVORS:  CHICKEN, BACON and LIVER.  This is for the BACON flavor.  There are over 500 licks in each bottle - and it doesn't need refrigeration!  So pIck your dog's favorite - or mix and match to provide a variety of great rewards any time - any place - for your dog!

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